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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

We are a distributor for UltraPure DEF™, an Ultra-Pure, formaldehyde free DEF that meets the stringent AUS 32, DIN 70070 & ISO 22241 standards

Residential Propane

Smart homeowners trust propane for their water heaters, gas fireplaces, dryers, stovetops, grills, pools, spas, and more.

Home Heating Oil

Beaudry Oil & Propane delivers #l and #2 fuel oil for residential and commercial customers with a variety of programs to meet your needs.

Commercial Propane

We supply commercial businesses with exceptional service, programs and equipment to keep your business profitable and running smoothly.

Agricultural Fuels

Beaudry Oil & Propane is proud to be the region's go-to supplier for agricultural fuels.

Kodiak Premium Diesel

Kodiak offers superior detergency, stability, emissions performance, water tolerance and lubricity while preventing corrosion and prolonging equipment life.


Our customers deserve the best, and that's why we offer the best. Beaudry Oil & Propane has extensive experience in the Lubrication Industry.

Bulk Tanks & Equipment

Looking to streamline your oil and fuel delivery program? We have you covered. We offer everything you need...

Commercial Fuels

From large transports to smaller tank deliveries, Beaudry Oil & Propane is a trusted resource for the trucking industry, construction, power plants & more.

Fueling Minnesota

At Beaudry Oil & Propane, we've been keeping Minnesota homes and businesses warm and supplying fuels and lubricants to keep industries running smoothly for more than three decades.

As a family-owned business, we're big on values: service, integrity, and commitment to the community. As a thriving company, we're big on value: superior products and programs at fair prices. Strong values and terrific value add up to a better experience for our customers.

Products & Partners

Our customers deserve the best, and that's why we offer the best.