KODIAK Premium Diesel


KODIAK Premium Diesel Fuel provides cleaner engines and improved fuel economy. Designed to meet the demands of today’s high-tech engines, KODIAK offers exceptional benefits, including superior detergency, stability, emissions performance, water tolerance, and lubricity while preventing corrosion and prolonging equipment life.

Beaudry Oil & Propane supplies These KODIAK Premium Diesel Fuel types:

KODIAK Premium Diesel

A premium diesel that provides detergency, stability, corrosion and rust inhibition, and lubricity. It reduces fuel consumption by cleaning fuel systems, thus improving on-road mileage and decreasing gallons per hour (GPH) for off-road vehicles by up to 7.7 percent. Results may vary.


The combination of WASA, de-icer, and cold flow improvers provide cold weather protection and the benefits of KODIAK Premium Diesel. Operability to -13° Fahrenheit.

KODIAK Winter Plus

The ultimate cold-weather premium diesel formula, the base formula provides all the benefits of KODIAK Winter enhanced with special diesel formulations for optimum performance in the coldest winter conditions. Operability to -32° Fahrenheit.

All KODIAK Premium Diesel Fuel Types


  • Contains the detergency needed to achieve a “Superior” rating in Cummins L-10 Engine Test, providing a “clean-up” performance level.
  • Cleans dirty injectors.
  • Maintains proper fuel spray pattern to avoid incomplete combustion, which reduces emissions and increases fuel economy by up to 7.7 percent.


  • Eliminates or delays thermal oxidation to prevent filter plugging.
  • Improves storage life by 2-3 times without additives by preventing the formation of gums.

Corrosion/Rust Inhibition

  • Prevents corrosion of fuel storage tanks and vehicle tanks.
  • Protects injectors and fuel systems from corrosion and rust formation.


  • Exceeds lubricity standards in ASTM D975 and EMA premium diesel requirements.
  • Reduces friction in engine parts.
  • Provides protection against accelerated wear.
  • Prolongs fuel system equipment life.

KODIAK Winter & Kodiak Winter Plus

WASA – Wax Anti-Settling Agent

  • Wax modifier inhibits the attachment of wax molecules to each other, preventing the formation of large wax compounds that can ultimately plug fuel filters.
  • WASA helps keep the wax crystals small and suspended so that they flow through the fuel system rather than plugging filters.


  • Prevents water in fuel from forming ice crystals, which leads to plugged fuel filters.
  • Contains no alcohol.


  • KODIAK Winter offers operability to -13° Fahrenheit.
  • KODIAK Winter Plus provides operability to -32° Fahrenheit.

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