Budget Price Cap Plan


With the predictable heating bills of the Budget Price Cap Protection Plan from Beaudry Oil & Propane, you can avoid high payment spikes and protect your household budget.

Propane prices are influenced by many factors, including crude oil and natural gas prices and the supply/demand balance. Propane production is not seasonal, but residential demand for propane increases during colder months. Inventories are built up during summer months when consumption is low. When inventories are low at the start of the winter heating season, however, propane price spikes may occur. Colder-than-average temperatures put additional pressure on propane prices. The agricultural sector may also drive up prices if the demand for propane to dry crops remains high into the late fall, coinciding with the rise of residential demand.

The Budget Price Cap Protection Plan makes it easy to keep your heating bills on budget, no matter what the winter brings.  

  • Make 12 equal monthly payments on the 12th day of each month, based on your propane usage.
  • Budget Price Cap Protection Plan customers save money by receiving the cash discount price.
  • Includes Capped Buyer Protection – your price per gallon never exceeds the capped price* established for the budget period, and if the market price decreases, so does your cash price.
  • To enroll, your account must have a zero or credit balance.
  • There is no charge for this program.
  • All Budget Price Cap Protection Plan accounts are automatically enrolled in Automatic Delivery, unless you opt out.
  • At the midway point of the heating season, we evaluate all Budget Price Cap Protection Plans to re-evaluate your account and possibly adjust your payment based on either under-usage or over-usage.
  • The Budget heating season runs from June through May each year. Budget payments are then recalculated with the new price cap and payment amount.
  • Also take advantage of our convenient online bill pay system.

*Certain restrictions apply. Contact Beaudry Oil & Propane for additional questions.

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