Beaudry Oil & Propane Celebrates 40 Years!

Ken and Carrie Beaudry founded Beaudry Oil & Propane in 1981 with one truck and one employee.

They added several brothers like Leon, Dale, and Ron and children Lisa and Trevor, and son-in-law John as time went by. Today they have nearly 100 employees spanning six locations providing residential and commercial heating, lubricants, and fuel needs to thousands of Minnesota homes and businesses. Beaudry Oil & Propane is the exclusive Kodiak Premium Diesel and Eagle Gold lubricants provider. Additionally, since 2019 the metro area's exclusive Petro-Canada Lubricants Distributors. Ken believes he has a God-given company whose primary purpose is to give back to the community, and he has in many ways throughout the years. 

Ken and Carrie Beaudry.jpgLast December, Beaudry Oil & Propane entered its fifth decade in business. In particular, the Beaudrys and the staff, in general, took some time to take inventory of how God has blessed them with a solid and prosperous business. Even though times are challenging to operate a company, Beaudry Oil & Propane seems to be on the edge of tremendous growth. Ken Beaudry says, "We feel very blessed that many Minnesotans trust us with their fuel needs. Beaudry Oil & Propane's success results from our amazing employees. Our customers are our priority, and everyone on our team strives to deliver the best service possible."

Ken genuinely believes that. Almost daily, as he checks in with staff, he thanks them for caring for customers "like family" instead of business clients. That extra touch has made Beaudry a great place to work. Their employees say, "We are well cared for, so it's easy to want to do the same for others."

1981-current-logos-on-trucks.pngFrom 2009 until 2018, Beaudry Oil & Propane virtually doubled in size, which is impressive considering that it happened during a recession. Additionally, before and during the pandemic, they found newer and more complex challenges that should have slowed them down. However, CEO Ken and President Leon Beaudry increased their reach throughout Central Minnesota, including recent acquisitions from Detroit Lakes to New Brighton; from Park Rapids to Clear Lake. Now that Leon retired, Trevor Beaudry stepped into the President's position, adding new gallons and customers every year, setting company records.

Today, Beaudry Oil and Propane is not just an Elk River fuel delivery service but a family energy force to be reckoned with throughout the state. They even have accounts as far away as Iowa and Kansas and still, answer the phones with a live person based in Elk River.

Beaudry staff and quarterly safety meeting.jpgWe asked one employee, with 25 years, at Beaudry Oil & Propane, "Why so long at one job in an era where loyalty is fleeting?". She responded, "We've watched each other's children grow here. We've even watched the Beaudry's children grow here, and there is an investment in each other that could not possibly come from switching jobs every two or three years. In serving each other, we've seen each other go through good times and bad, but we stood with each other through it all, working with a family that understands that loyalty is not something you buy but rather something earned through real caring and love."

Another employee, in his 14th year with the company, said," We have celebrated victories together, and we've mourned loss together. There's no place we'd rather be than here, relying on each other for the common cause of serving this community."


At Beaudry Oil and Propane, we are thrilled to commemorate 40 years of dedicated service to our customers and community. We look forward to enhancing our service as we head into the next 40 years. flame.png