Beaudry Oil & Propane Voted April's Big Lake Chamber Business of the Month!



Ken and Carrie Beaudry founded Beaudry Oil & Propane in 1981. Forty years later, their commitment to exceptional quality and service remains. In addition, they’ve expanded locations to serve their customers and communities better throughout Twin Cities, Central Minnesota, and East Central Minnesota. Big Lake is in the top ten for most residential and commercial accounts.Lubricants.jpg

As Beaudry expanded, they added a range of products, including Kodiak Diesel, gasoline, propane, and lubricants. Of notable mention is Beaudry Oil & Propane's offering of Petro Canada Lubricants, a premium oil ideal for northern climates.

Ken's guiding principle is his devotion to serving the Lord. He believes that his success is a result of God's blessing, and as such, Beaudry regularly donates to the Big Lake community and other areas throughout the state.

Emerging from the challenging pandemic years, Ken and the Beaudry Oil & Propane team would like to express their gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Big Lake and surrounding communities. "We worked tirelessly to ensure that we never ran out of products and that our services remained uninterrupted throughout these trying times. It has been a great honor to support our communities, and we remain committed to their growth and prosperity. We thank you, Big Lake, for recognizing us as Business of the Month. We attribute all our success to our loyal customers and communities like yours." flame.png