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KODIAK Premium Diesel

Experience cleaner engines with better fuel mileage. Experience Kodiak premium diesel fuel. We designed Kodiak to meet the demands of today's high-tech engines. Kodiak offers superior detergency, stability, emissions performance, water tolerance and lubricity while preventing corrosion and prolonging equipment life.


is a premium diesel that provides detergency, stability, corrosion/rust inhibition, and lubricity. It reduces fuel consumption by cleaning fuel systems, thus improving on-road mileage and decreasing gallons per hour (GPH) for off-road vehicles up to 7.7%. Results may vary.



has all the benefits of Kodiak diesel plus features 50+ cetane which results in quicker engine starts and more complete combustion of fuel.


 has all the benefits of Kodiak diesel plus provides cold weather protection with the combination of WASA, De-Icer, and Cold Flow Improvers. Operability to -13˚F



 is an ultimate cold weather premium diesel formula. Its base formula has all the benefits of Kodiak Winter which is then enhanced with special diesel formulations for optimum performance in the climate conditions of the coldest winter months. Operability to -32˚F



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